M-Lot (A&E) Closed Monday, November 11th


Contributed by Amy Shippos

On Monday, November 11th, M-Lot (A&E) will be closed to accommodate guest for the Admission Fall Open House.  Overflow parking will be in Z-Lot (Emerson Hall) and S-Lot ext. (between Farm Pond Rd. and Emerson Hall).

Only the following non-participants can park in M-Lot during this time:

Members of the campus community who usually park in this lot should be aware that they will need to park elsewhere on this date, including considering an earlier arrival time to campus to identify other available parking locations. 

A parking map is available at https://map.ithaca.edu/ to view all campus parking lot locations.  Remember that Y-Lot, across 96B, usually has plenty of available parking spaces.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to accommodate our visitors.