ICC Theme Course on PRO SPORT offered this Winter!


Contributed by Annemarie Farrell

Popular ICC theme class to be offered during Winter Session

Will FIFA ever stop being corrupt?? How is media disruption impacting MLB contract structures? Which professional league has the most competitive balance? Are esports really going to be an Olympic sport? Are super teams ruining the NBA? Explore these questions and more, while learning more about the sport industry and completing your ICC requirements over winter break!

SMGT 22000 - Current Issues in Professional Sport (3 credits – LA)

January 6-17 (ONLINE)

CRN: 30008

ICC: Social Science (SO)

Theme: Power & Justice (TPJ)

Theme: World of Systems (TWOS)

Instructor: Dr. Annemarie Farrell (afarrell@ithaca.edu)


Feel free to email Dr. Farrell with any questions!