Aaron Weinberg (Math) presents research at 41st Annual PME-NA Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri


Contributed by David A Brown

Aaron Weinberg, Professor of Mathematics, presented "Identifying Students' Attentive Fidelity for Calculus Instructional Videos" at the 41st annual conference of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, held November 14-17, 2019.  This was collaborative work done with several investigators including Matt Thomas (Assistant Professor of Math) and students Jessica Tornai '20 and Kimberly Newman '19.   

The abstract of this work:

"Growing interest in “flipped” classrooms has made video lessons an increasingly prominent component of post-secondary mathematics curricula. However, relatively little is known about how students watch and learn from calculus instructional videos. This study describes our use of a methodology involving eye-tracking technology to investigate attentive fidelity—the degree to which students attend to the visual imagery that is the subject of the video narration at each moment in time. Data from a preliminary study suggests that students engage in a wide range of attentive fidelity, but there was no evidence from our study that this fidelity is connected to students’ ability to solve calculus problems."