Ithaca College Dining Recognized for Outstanding Innovation


Contributed by Jacqueline K Winslow

On November 18th, 2019 Food Management named Ithaca College the Innovator of the Month for the successful navigation from a contracted food service model to an in-house dining program. (Read more here:

Food Management highlights the landscape of college & university noncommercial foodservice by featuring the best practices in the industry.  Within the article, Food Management cited Ithaca College’s: commitment to employees and determination to welcome former Sodexo employees into the college family; change in food vendor from Sysco to Maines; shift of meal plan structure to address affordability and food insecurity issues; strong partnership with Cornell; and commitment to buy locally by partnering with Ithaca Bakery, Ithaca Coffee Co., Gimme! Coffee, Purity Ice Cream, and Chick-n-Bap. 

Starting after Thanksgiving Break Dining Services is planning to introduce mobile ordering on campus via a partnership with Grub Hub. More information will be announced soon.

Becoming a national model by 2024 for in-house dining plan services is a named objective within Ithaca College’s Strategic Plan (read more: Congratulations to IC Dinging for making headlines so soon with the bold and innovative creation of the college’s new dining program.