Special Hours for The Pantry for Thanksgiving Week


Contributed by Doreen Hettich-Atkins

Please note that the Food Pantry will be open today, Friday, November 22nd from 4-5.30pm and on Tuesday, November 26 from 6-7pm. The Pantry will NOT be open on Friday, November 29.    

*The Pantry will reopen and will hold regular hours on Tuesdays from 6-7pm and Fridays from 4-5:30pm after we return from Thanksgiving Break.  

The Pantry is located in the DeMotte Room (you can enter by going down the stairs to the left of the information desk in Phillips Hall or by using the back entrance to Phillips Hall closest to the upper quads and near the stairs that go up to the academic quad). The Pantry is open to any and all members of the IC community. There are no qualifications for this program. 

Because we have limited space and limited supplies, we ask that those who come to the pantry use the following guidelines:

•bring a reusable grocery bag if you have one (if not we have some you can utilize)   

•each guest will be limited to one grocery bag so that we can ensure we have enough food to serve all         

Volunteers are needed to staff the Pantry while it's open! If you are interested, please go here to sign up.    

More information on IC's ongoing efforts to address food insecurity can be found here.    More information on ICs ongoing efforts to support students financial can be found here.       

Ongoing support for the food pantry is always needed and appreciated.  If you are interested in making a gift to support Ithaca College in addressing food insecurity you can do so here. Please indicate that you would like your gift to go to “Other” and then specify “IC Fund to Address Food Insecurity.”             

Faculty and staff can also give via ongoing payroll deduction. Faculty and Staff should select "other" and then specify "IC Fund to Address Food Insecurity" to ensure that your gift is used in support of the Food Pantry. 

All gifts will be used to purchase food, personal care items, and other supplies needed by our campus community.      

Follow the IC Pantry on social media! Instagram: thepantryIC and Twitter: ICfoodpantry