Changes to the Student Employment Process


Contributed by Jane Ray

As part of Ithaca Forever and under the goal of student success, the changes in the student employment process outlined below will help to establish IC as a leader in practice and performance by expanding experiential learning opportunities across the curriculum and elevating student employment into an experiential, high-impact practice. 

Online Job Database

Not only does the New Year bring new perspectives, this year it will bring a new online job database for student employment. Through the launch of the new Oracle Recruiting Cloud (IC HR Cloud) students looking for employment will be presented with a streamlined and consistent process for browsing and applying to jobs.

In order to accomplish this, we will also need the help of all student supervisors! To be able to enhance the experience of student employment, we will look to replicate the “real world” recruiting process, offering students a perspective on applying for careers after graduation. This will mean that all supervisors and departments looking to hire student employees will need to be consistent in posting all student jobs in the new online database.  IC HR Cloud will be available to post student jobs starting in January 2020. 

Application Process

Similar to the current process, students will apply online with their resume and cover letter. Students - please remember that Career Services can help you create and modify your job materials. By applying through the new online database, students will receive updates throughout the hiring process, including if they have been selected for an interview or may not be the right fit for the specific position.

Student supervisors will play a key role in this communication strategy, as they will be asked to select potential student candidates and update these statuses throughout the hiring process, much like the hiring of a full-time faculty or staff member.

Onboarding Process

New student employees will still be required to attend a New Student Employment Program (NSEP), after they have been officially offered a position, where they will complete required paperwork and provide required documents for the I-9 verification process. Additional forms, such as tax forms and direct deposit banking information, will be able to be completed online upon the issuance of the New Student Employee Checklist, again similar to the experience for new faculty and staff.

The Student Work Experience

The implementation of IC HR Cloud will not only bring changes to the process of student employment, but also the working experience as well. In line with the current system, students will continue to submit time cards of hours worked. However, a new time card process will be available effective January 2, 2020, for all employees of the College.

Student supervisors will continue to approve time cards each pay period. The new process will allow each supervisor (for students with multiple assignments) to approve hours worked separately from other assignments. It is best practice for student supervisors to set aside a time frame each pay period to ensure time cards are reviewed and approved in a timely manner.

It’s a new and exciting time for Ithaca College and all community members with the launch of the strategic plan, implementation of IC HR Cloud, and the ringing in of a New Year. We are also excited to be working with the Experiential Learning Alliance (ELA), over 50 Ithaca College community members from across campus who are motivated to positively impact students’ experiential learning by creating intentional student development components, enhancing collaborative efforts and facilitating integrated experiences. The Student Employment Experience (SEE) sub-committee of the ELA is focused on supporting the campus in providing intentional professional development opportunities for our students through their on-campus employment. We are ALL excited to continue the journey of Ithaca Forever with enhancing the student experience through IC HR Cloud.

Continued updates, including training opportunities, will be forthcoming, so please keep an eye on the IC HR website. As always, questions regarding the implementation of IC HR Cloud, the changes in the student employment experience, or the new time card process, can be directed to