Faculty Advocate & Virtual and Phone Meetings


Contributed by Sue-Je Gage

Sue-Je Gage will continue to offer Faculty Advocate services online, through zoom or via phone. Please email facultyadvocate@ithaca.edu to schedule a time. 


The Faculty Advocate serves as a confidential, approachable, impartial and neutral listener and resource for faculty members, helping to mediate conflicts, provide feedback, suggest referrals to other resources as needed and foster respectful, inclusive, and ethical behavior and fair process.  The Faculty Advocate listens to the concerns of faculty, facilitates constructive dialogue, and assists in evaluating available options. Additional responsibilities include: 

The individual also regularly attends Faculty Council meetings as an ex officio member of Faculty Council.


The Faculty Advocate role follows an Alternative Dispute Resolution structure. The process is non-binding and voluntary. It is a confidential process intended to be accessible to all faculty at Ithaca College. 

The Faculty Advocate does not participate in any formal adjudicative or administrative procedure related to concerns brought to their attention. The Faculty Advocate is an informal resource and therefore is not authorized to accept notice or formal complaints nor do they make binding decisions, mandate policies, offer legal advice or formally adjudicate issues for the College. The Faculty Advocate is not authorized to speak on behalf of the College. The Faculty Advocate will not keep any records with the exception of the annual reports. 

The Faculty Advocate offers informal services and does not replace formal processes available to the Ithaca College community.


Faculty can email facultyadvocate@ithaca.edu to schedule a meeting via zoom or phone. 

Please note: Sending confidential information by email is discouraged as privacy cannot be assured in email communications.