Chris Holmes, Associate Professor of English, publishes chapter in Blackwell's Companion to World Literature


Contributed by Chris Holmes

 Chris's chapter, "Kazuo Ishiguro's Thinking Novels", is part of the fifth volume of the Companion. It looks at the so-called genre novels of Ishiguro's canon as experiments with the possibilities of literary form to shape ways of being and knowing.

 A Companion to World Literature is a far-reaching and sustained study of key authors, texts, and topics from around the world and throughout history. Six comprehensive volumes present essays from over 300 prominent international scholars focusing on many aspects of this vast and burgeoning field of literature, from its ancient origins to the most modern narratives.

Almost by definition, the texts of world literature are unfamiliar; they stretch our hermeneutic circles, thrust us before unfamiliar genres, modes, forms, and themes. They require a greater degree of attention and focus, and in turn engage our imagination in new ways. This Companion explores texts within their particular cultural context, as well as their ability to speak to readers in other contexts, demonstrating the ways in which world literature can challenge parochial world views by identifying cultural commonalities.