Bias Impact Reporting Form


Contributed by Sean Eversley Bradwell

The Bias Impact Resource Team would like to remind our campus community that the Bias Impact Reporting Form continues to be available to our campus community - click here. This includes reporting incidents of bias that occur virtually.

The Bias Impact Reporting Form is intended to provide students, staff, and faculty with a centralized way of accessing resources if they experience or witness a bias incident on campus, via social media, or at a college-affiliated event. This process is a tool that is being used in addition to formal complaint options. The information submitted is used to identify patterns of behavior and address areas where culture is counter to the College’s values of respect, accountability and equity. The reports will help the college to be more strategic when educating and/or preventing acts of bias in the future.

The Bias Impact Reporting Form is not an immediate response service and may take up to three (3) college business days to receive confirmation of submission. The Bias Impact Reporting Form is also not a formal complaint process. All members of the Ithaca College community are urged to promptly report any bias-related incident(s) that negatively impacts a community member or group and occurs on-campus, virtually, or at a college-affiliated event. For additional information on the College's formal complaint processes, click here.

The information you provide in this form will be forwarded to members of the Bias Impact Resource Team. Members of the Bias Impact Resource Team include:

Sean Eversley Bradwell, Assistant Professor, Education

Fatima Hajjat, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Bill Kerry, Director of Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management

Linda Koenig, Title IX Coordinator

Luca Maurer, Director of Center for LGBTQ Education, Outreach, and Services

Hierald Osorto, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life

Bonnie Prunty, Dean of Students

Information regarding how to combat xenophobia related to COVID-19 can be found on the College’s Public Health Response FAQ page, click here.

If you need an immediate response to your report, please call the Office of Public Safety at 607-274-3333.