SUPERvision: Supervising Student Employees Remotely


Contributed by Robyn Leary

SUPERvision: Supervising Student Employees Remotely 

Virtual discussion on strategies for supervising students who work remotely. 

The Experiential Learning Alliance invites professional and administrative support staff who supervise student employees to our sixth program, “SUPERvision: Supervising Student Employees Remotely,” happening on Thursday, April 16th from 2:00-3:00pm via Zoom. Please join the Student Employment Enhancement sub-committee (SEE) for a virtual discussion and to share ideas on how to successfully support our students and their learning outcomes while they are working remotely.  

To participate in this discussion group, please complete this brief registration form. We will send you the link to join via your IC email. 

This session is brought to you by a group of fellow IC faculty and staff members who supervise student employees and want to collaborate and share ideas. This session is not intended to answer questions that you might have for Human Resources regarding the status of student employment. Please direct any questions or concerns of that nature directly to their office.

The Experiential Learning Alliance (ELA) brings together over 50 members across campus who are motivated to positively impact students’ experiential learning by creating intentional student development components, enhancing collaborative efforts and facilitating integrated experiences. The SEE sub-committee is focused on providing training, resources and support for supervisors of student employees.