History Students Present at Remote Central-Western New York Phi Alpha Theta Conference


Contributed by Jonathan Ablard

 Seven History Majors presented original research to the Central-Western New York Phi Alpha Theta Conference that was hosted remotely by the Ithaca College Department of History on March 28. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference could not convene as previously planned. Over forty students from all over New York and Pennsylvania participated Our students adjusted to the crisis, and submitted papers to session chairs. The students who presented were Mattie Beauford, Hannah De Oliveira, Alexandria Kavalec, Harrison Malkin, Luis Valderrama, Melody Naccarato, and Araxie Mehrotra.

 Two students were awarded Honorable Mention prizes for their papers,  Alexandria Kavalec, “AIDS in Brazil and the Narrative of Success”  and Hannah D’Oliveira , “The Latino Justice PRLDEF: Fighting Discrimination With Law.” 

 Special thanks to the Department of History faculty who served as session chairs: Drs. Pearl Ponce, Vivian Bruce Conger, Jason Freitag, Matt Klemm, and Karin Breuer.