Jessica Ford '15 & Justine Vosloo, Associate Professor in Dept of Exercise Science and Athletic Training publish an article on musicians' experience of optimal performances in the British Journal of Music Education


Contributed by Justine Vosloo

Jessica Ford, a 2015 graduate of the Exercise and Sport Sciences Masters Program published her master's thesis work: 'Pouring everything that you are': Musicians experiences of optimal performances, in the British Journal of Music Education. 

The purpose of Ford's thesis was to examine the flow state experiences of musicians' during their optimal experiences and to expand the understanding of flow states beyond sport literature. The article is available here:

She completed this work under the guidance of Justine Vosloo, PhD, CMPC, Associate Professor in the Dept of ESAT in 2015, and Monna Arvinen-Barrow, PhD., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, was a co-author on the manuscript.



Jessica Ford is currently completing her doctoral studies in Kinesiology - specialization Sport Psychology, at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. In the fall, she will begin her professional career as an Assistant Professor at McDaniel College.