Zoom - Update to Version 5


Contributed by Lisa Efing-Guida

Effective May 30, 2020, Zoom will require that all users accessing Zoom have the latest release (version 5) of the Zoom desktop client or mobile app enabled on their device(s). Without the latest version, Zoom users will not be able to host or join Zoom meetings using the desktop client or mobile app.

To update Zoom on your desktop or mobile device please visit the Zoom Support article “Where Do I Download the Latest Version.” or follow the steps below to update your Zoom desktop client. If you see a message to contact your administrator in order to update the software, please uninstall Zoom, then download the latest version.

  1. Launch your Zoom desktop client, click on the sign in with SSO button, enter ithaca for the company domain, and use your Ithaca Netpass credentials to log in
  2. Click on your profile picture/icon in the top right of the Zoom screen, then click Check for Updates. If there is a newer version a pop-up box will appear. (If you get a pop-up box that says “You are up to date” click Done. You do not need to proceed.)
  3. If a Zoom update is required, click on the Update button and Zoom will automatically download the latest version of the desktop client
  4. Click on the Install button and follow the prompts to install the latest Zoom desktop client
  5. If a pop-up box appears asking you to restart Zoom, click the Restart button

This Zoom update includes multiple improvements to Zoom security along with user experience improvements. For more information, visit Zoom’s supporting documentation regarding security changes and other updates to the desktop client and mobile app.

If anyone has any questions, please contact the Information Technology Service Desk via phone at (607)274-1000, email Servicedesk@ithaca.edu or live chat. Thank you.

The Information Technology Service Desk