Fine Artist at Five – Thank you to our Artists


Contributed by Gordon Rowland

As we transition to a new format—once a week starting soon—our sincere thanks to all those who, for the last eight weeks, generously gave us wonderful performances and a daily respite in difficult times. You reminded us how important the arts are in our lives.

Thank you to Ivy Waltz; Jerry Mirskin; Daniel Gwirtzman; Marc Gomes; Michael Titlebaum & Catherine Gale; dawn pierce; Raul Palma; Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas; Dara Engler; Nicholas Walker; Will Russell; Eric Machan Howd & Katharyn Howd Machan; Sandra Steingraber; Christine Kitano; John White; Nicholas Muellner; Fae Dremock; Alison Wahl; Wendy Mehne; Steven Banks; Pablo Cohen; Jennifer Tennant; Cory Brown; Christin Schillinger; David Earll; Susan Waterbury & Dave Whiting; Kathleen Mulligan, Norman Johnson & Razan Abu Ismail; Elizabeth Simkin; Dana Wilson; Susannah Berryman & Eric Brooks; Patricia Zimmermann; Laura Amoriello; Sarah Sutton; Aaron Witek; Rachel Schutz; Catherine Weidner, Rhea Yadav, Kathleen Mulligan, & Dean Robinson; Calvin Wiersma; Jack Wang; and Jorge Grossman. It is our great fortune that you are members of our community.