Gerontology Institute director awarded grant


Contributed by Lisa Richards

Barbara Ganzel, director of the Gerontology Institute, has been awarded a $69,000 Innovation Fund Program grant from a community-based organization, Care Compass Network. The project goal is to improve the care of older adults in ten skilled nursing facilities in upstate New York.

A full-time nursing or social work staff member in each organization will be paired with a licensed behavioral health provider to create a champion team. The team will be trained to work together to promote organizational change that integrates trauma-informed behavioral health care into the existing patient medical care in their facility. 

Trauma-informed care recognizes that more than 80% of us have experienced a psychological trauma. It understands how to assess and treat delayed reactions to trauma, and it integrates this information into its policies and practices to promote safety and empowerment for both patients/residents and staff.

For more information about the program, curricula, or timeline, contact Barbara Ganzel at