Annette Levine (Modern Languages and Literatures) publishes translation collection


Contributed by Michael Richardson

 Annette Levine's translations of Aída Bortnik's short stories have been published in the online journal, Latin American Literature Today (LALT).

Widely recognized for her screenplay of the Oscar award winning film La historia oficial [The Official Story], Aída Bortnik wrote flash fiction for the subversive magazine Hum®while blacklisted from television, film, and radio during the 1976-83 Argentine civic-military dictatorship. The translations of Bortnik's subversive stories featured in LALT capture the euphemistic elements employed by Bortnik to portray the climate of terror in Argentina where a totalitarian regime espoused censorship and torture amounting to the disappearance of approximately 30,000 individuals. 

Affiliated with the prestigious literary journal WLT (World Literature Today)LALT publishes contemporary Latin American literature in both English and Spanish. Link to the bilingual online publication of LALT: