Walter Chon (Theatre Arts) Publishes an Article on Korean Theatre in The Theatre Times


Contributed by Walter Chon

Walter Byongsok Chon, Assistant Professor of Dramaturgy and Theatre Studies in the Theatre Arts Department, publishes his article “Battle of the Sexes in the Midst of a Refugee Crisis in Korea: Big Love by ETS (Eye to Soul)” in the international online journal The Theatre Times.


The article is about the Korean theatre company ETS (Eye to Soul)’s production of Charles Mee’s Big Love, which celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the company’s foundation in 2019. The article includes an interview with Haerry Kim, the director of BIG LOVE and the artistic director of ETS. 

Exerpt from the article:

“The Korean theatre company ETS, which is an acronym for Eye To Soul, staged Charles Mee’s Big Love (2001) at the Haneul Round Theatre in Seoul, Korea, in June 2019 for the ten-year anniversary of the company’s foundation. Founded by four theatre artists (actor/writer, sound designer, lighting designer, and a multi-media artist) in New York in 2009, ETS has staged productions in South Korea, Scotland, and the U.S., under the artistic direction of Haerry Kim. Their repertoire includes socially-conscious original pieces such as FACE, a multi-media one-woman show about Korean comfort women, The Sound of Nightingales, about the rape and murder of eight Korean high school girls by high school boys in 2009, and I Love You After 4.16, about the sinking of Sewol Ferry which took the lives of 300 high school students and crew in 2014. ETS also presented several translations and adaptations of plays not widely introduced in Korea, including Aeschylus’s Prometheus, Martin Sherman’s Bent, and Günter Eich’s Sabeth. Since its foundation, ETS has created pieces with a commitment to fresh interpretation of social and cultural phenomena, professional actor training, finding innovative ways of communicating with the audience, and international theatrical exchange.”

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