Fine Artists @ 5: Patrice Pastore


Contributed by Christin Schillinger


 The Center for Faculty Excellence is pleased to host Ithaca College Community Artists each Friday at 5pm. In a mere 15-20minutes, learn what our community brings to the Arts, and the invariable ways Art invigorates our lives. This week features Patrice Pastore!




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Patrice Pastore is a Professor of Voice at Ithaca College and a Visiting Professor of Voice at Cornell University. She specializes in contemporary music performance and has worked with composers like Libby Larsen, Chen Yi, Lukas Foss, and George Crumb, to name a few. She has been an active vocal improviser for the last 20 years. During her teaching career Patrice has taught studio voice, foreign language diction, vocal pedagogy, French art song , and vocal improvisation.  Besides her positions at Ithaca College and Cornell University she has been a faculty member at New England Conservatory, Rising Star Singers Institute, the Grandin Festival at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and OperaWorks. Ms. Pastore believes that vocal improvisation is a gateway to vocal freedom, vocal health, creativity, and lots of laughter.  In her spare time, Patrice enjoys reading mystery novels, swimming, and writing poetry.