Classroom and Lab Software Requests for Fall 2020 -- Please submit ASAP


Contributed by Michelle Doucette

IT is accepting application/software installation requests for Classroom and Lab computers for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester, which will be installed over the remainder of Summer Break. 

The deadline for requesting software/application was intended to be in line with previous Fall semesters', during April; we recognize situations have been changing in each department, as well as this posting being a late courtesy reminder. We ask that if you have not contacted us yet about any upcoming classroom or lab software you may use in the fall, to please do so as soon as possible.

In order to streamline and improve the process for requesting applications/software in Classroom and Lab spaces, the Classroom and Lab Software Request process is now available. We ask that you submit one request form per software needed for the Fall. This allows for an opportunity to reflect on what was needed and utilized last year, and what will be needed for the coming year -- and to keep organized notes per software. 

Please review the knowledge base article overviewing Classroom and Lab software, and utilize the Classroom and Lab Software Request Form to request your application/software. The knowledge base article and form can also be reached by going to 's client portal section, then searching for “software request” or “lab software" in the top right.


Note that there are standard applications included on all Classrooms and Labs, and these do not need to be requested. They will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Technology Service Desk and they will forward your request. Thank you.


Information Technology Service Desk
104 Job Hall