The Complicated Risk: An Interview with Pedro X. Molina


Contributed by Cory Young

Honors Faculty and International Scholar Pedro X. Molina interviewed with Nicole Arthur of Sampsonia Way in early June, 2020.

Pedro is currently an artist in residence at Ithaca City of Asylum, and a visiting international scholar for the Ithaca College's Honors Program. He teaches an Honors Seminar entitled Drawing Conclusions Honors Scholarly Conversation: Global Cartooning as Social Commentary.  

As an esteemed international political cartoonist from Nicaragua, Molina fled his home country in April 2018 due to social and political unrest. He shared with Nicole Arthur, a staff writer based in Ithaca, NY,  his journey into exile and the power of humor amidst oppression. 

Sampsonia Way is an online magazine for literature, free speech and social justice. 

For more information about Pedro X. Molina, his life, and his awards, click here