Two Changes to Technology Renewal Program: Move to laptops and one device per person


Contributed by Kayla Lepkowski

To provide better flexibility for our employees the college is moving to a laptop as the primary device for faculty and staff going forward.  With this change we will also be discontinuing the centralized funding of more than one computer per individual.

Move to a laptop as the primary device

IT will start the transition to laptop computers as the primary device for faculty and staff this summer.

Windows users

Macintosh users

Discontinuance of centralized funding for more than one primary computer per person

With the move to laptops as the primary device for faculty and staff, the college will no longer centrally fund more than one primary computing device per employee. 

Information Technology will work with the department to coordinate the identification and removal of any non-primary computers issued to staff and faculty when it is due for renewal (this will not include any devices identified as computer lab or general use computers).

If a college employee requires an additional device, it will be the responsibility of the employee’s department to budget for the additional machine(s) in the fiscal year the machine is to be replaced.  Any additional machines added in this fashion will still have a 4-year lifespan, and the department will be responsible for budgeting for its replacement every 4 years, if it is desired that the employee continue to have more than one device. (Budget estimates: Dell desktop $900, laptop $1200; Apple desktop $1600, laptop $1300).

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Technology Service Desk at (607)274-1000, via email at or by Live Chat.