IC Contingent faculty aid fund- please support if you can


Contributed by Patricia Rodriguez

IC Contingent faculty have put together an aid fund to raise funds for contingent professors who have been laid off and are facing the prospect of unemployment and financial ruin.

Click here to apply or to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/The-IC-Contingent-Aid-Fund

The IC Contingent Aid Fund is organizing to get support directly to Ithaca College contingent faculty who need it. Any IC Contingent Faculty member, past or present, is welcome to apply for funds that will help them with groceries, health care costs, utilities, rent, childcare, moving expenses, or any other necessities. 

Our Ithaca College community has an opportunity to come together and ensure that all of us, including the most vulnerable, are safe and supported. We ask those who have financial stability – especially tenured/tenure-track faculty and upper administration – to consider sharing resources in solidarity with those who have become even more vulnerable as a result of our current crisis. have served Ithaca College for years or even decades, temporarily afloat in these anxiety-ridden times.

If you’re an IC contingent faculty member who has taught in the last two years (since Fall 2018), fill out this form to apply .

If you’re an IC contingent faculty member, student, alum, parent, continuing faculty member, or community ally, and you would like to volunteer your time to support the contingent faculty, you can find more information here.

Where does the money go?

100% of the funds collected will be distributed directly to contingent faculty members who apply. There will be an initial two-week period in which we gather funds and applications; at the end of that period, we will distribute funds equally to all applicants. If there is need, we will then do another two-week period of gathering funds and applications, until such point as the need is answered.

We can choose to answer this crisis with solidarity, with love, and with mutual respect. This is an opportunity for us to organize together as a campus and shift the locus of power. In that spirit, we also encourage community members to donate to the Ithaca College Emergency Student Relief Fund, the Aid for Ithaca's DACA and Undocumented Students Fund , the Southside Community Center,  the Ithaca Virtual Tip Jar  in support of service-industry workers, and the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.