Newspapers and periodicals available from IC Library


Contributed by Terri Ann Coronel

Did you know that IC Library provides access to many online periodicals and newspapers, including The New York and The Chronicle of Higher Education? 

In addition, content from many daily newspapers, including The Ithaca Journal, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal, is available through databases like US Newsstream. This database access does not contain images and advanced web features, but it is updated daily with articles from many newspapers. For a full list of journals, magazines, and newspapers that you can access through the Library, you can search the Library’s Journals A-Z list

Please note: In order to access our New York subscription, you will need to register for access by claiming a pass. If have already signed up for a New York Times account through IC Library, you will need to renew your account by claiming a new pass after it expires in order to continue to have access. Please see our Guide to the New York Times for more information and a list of account features. Account registration is optional for The Chronicle. Please see our Guide to the Chronicle for more information. 

If you have any questions please reach out to us via email or chat!