Learning Management System Replacement Update


Contributed by Casey Kendall

 Greetings Campus Community,  

The Learning Management System (LMS) Selection Advisory Committee has been engaging with the community to find a replacement for Sakai. So far, we have had town halls with the School of Humanities and Sciences, Park School of Business, the School of Music, Park School of Communications, and there has been one student focus group. Next week, the Advisory Committee and action groups will have two town halls for Health Sciences of Human Performance. The feedback from the sessions and direct emails has been very helpful in guiding the process and formulating what is important to the campus community in a new system.  

We have established a web site: https://www.ithaca.edu/lmsproject which has more information about the project, and more opportunities to provide feedback to the Advisory Committee.  

We invite you to contribute your suggestions and thoughts on the features you would like to see in our new LMS by filling out a very short survey: https://ithacaedu.formstack.com/forms/lms_project_survey.   

Soon we will be inviting two or three LMS vendors to hold public sessions about their solutions for the campus community and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and learn more. We will be soliciting your feedback after each presentation.   

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for your continued engagement and support throughout this process.  

 LMS Advisory Committee Co-Chairs