Raul Palma (writing) delivers an invited workshop on antiracism at Dartmouth's Leslie Center for the Humanities


Contributed by Raul Palma

Raul Palma, assistant professor of writing, delivered an invited workshop at Dartmouth's Leslie Center for the Humanities, on November 17th. His workshop was the first of a series that the Leslie Center will be hosting throughout the year on antiracism.

In his workshop, he built on the foundation that he began through the CFE during the late summer / early fall, while working with Eleanor Henderson (writing) and Shaianne Osterrich (economics). He introduced the notion of an antiracist syllabus, along with the kind of work that needs to be done in order to build one. After his presentation, participants were invited to examine their own syllabi.

The event was sponsored by the Leslie Center for the Humanities, the Program in Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies, Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration and Sexuality, and DCAL.