Web Profile Migrations for Staff Will Start December 1


Contributed by David Cameron

Following a successful beta test of our migration process, the IC Web Team is moving ahead with plans to migrate remaining web profiles for all faculty and staff as previously announced in our Intercom post from October 8.

We are now preparing to run full migrations after Thanksgiving, starting with all existing web profiles for staff during the week of December 1-4.

Staff web profiles will be followed by a school-by-school migration of all faculty profiles in early January 2021, for which we’ll be working with each school to coordinate a timeline.

What Staff Should Know
Migration is an automated process that copies content from the old web system over to the new ithaca.edu platform. Most content transfers easily, but there are some elements from the old system that will need to be updated manually:

We encourage you to read our latest blog post for more details about the new staff and faculty profiles.

What’s Next
As staff profile migrations are completed, we’ll be sharing more information about how to access your own profile and make updates. We’ll also be offering a limited series of virtual mini-workshops to introduce you to the features and options of editing your own profile pages — look for an announcement after November 30 with a schedule for those sessions as soon as they're confirmed.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about web migration, you can contact the IC Web Team anytime through our feedback form.

We're always happy to hear from you.

- The IC Web Team