Provost’s Post-Sabbatical Colloquium - Thursday, March 25


Contributed by Colette Matisco

In recognition of the intellectual and creative richness that Ithaca College faculty members bring to our campus community, Provost La Jerne Terry Cornish invites us all to gather remotely for an evening of engagement. Presenters will share from the research and/or creative activity they engaged in during their sabbatical.

Thursday, March 25

Michael Smith, Professor, History & Environmental Science
That future age of which we can only dream”: Exploring the Origins of the Climate Crisis in the Story of Progress

Brandy Bessette-Symons, Associate Professor, Psychology
The complicated influence of emotion on memory

Zenon Wasyliw, Professor, History
Soviet Secular Holidays and Rituals in the Ukrainian Countryside: Peaceful Transitions during the NEP Era, 1921-1928, prior to Stalin taking power

Facilitator: Luke Keller, Dana Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Organized and supported by the Center for Faculty Excellence