Take advantage of three free credits over Summer break 2021! BIOL 10400 Environmental Biology ICC


Contributed by Nandadevi Cortes Rodriguez

SUMMER 2021 - BIOL 10400 Environmental Biology ICC

Why do people find it difficult to connect with nature?

It’s never good to generalize, but society, as it is shaped at the present time, has created this disassociation. Enjoy without destroying is one of our greatest brands. We want nature alive, so we can live our life, too.

Sonia Guajajara Amazonian Indigenous Leader





Have you ever wondered how viruses and bacteria evolve and infect new hosts?

Or Wildlife trade or habitat destruction are related to current pandemics?

Or how human waste affect wildlife? 

Or how we can not only protect endangered species but also whole ecosystems?

Or how our overuse of water impacts agriculture? 

This course will answer these and MORE questions!!

- Emphasis on how environmental biology helps us to understand current issues in health, medicine, ecology, conservation biology, global climate change, agriculture, and its links to pandemics!!!

Topics include: growth and regulation of non-human populations compared to human populations, use and future supplies of energy, food production and the conservation of wildlife. (F-S,Y)

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