COVID-19 Updates: Daily Health Screening, Public Health Ambassadors, Get Involved!


Contributed by Dan DeCaria

March is right around the corner IC! We are really starting to hit our stride this semester and so far our campus community has done a fantastic job of limiting the impact of COVID-19. Let’s keep the good momentum going and be sure to check out the latest installment of COVID-19 Updates as we remain #ICinThisTogether.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Health Screening

As many of you know, Ithaca College has a two-pronged approach when it comes to surveillance for the possible intrusion of COVID-19 in our campus community. Twice per week saliva self-collection surveillance testing is one key part of the equation as that helps identify confirmed cases of the virus; however, do not forget about your Daily Health Screening Form!

Daily Health Screening (DHS) is an equally important self-monitor for disease, whether you have been in close proximity with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or are experiencing any symptoms yourself. The DHS helps to identify potential red flags at the earliest sign of trouble and limit the possible spread of COVID-19. Completing the form daily and accurately is essential to being able to effectively monitor our campus community.

Students - a reminder that maintaining twice per week testing compliance AND daily completion of your Daily Health Screening form are required to maintain a “green” IC Health Badge. Make it a habit to complete your DHS, which can be found in your IC email from the Center for Counseling, Health, and Wellness, as your first order of business each morning!

Say Hi to the SHELs

You may have noticed our Public Health Ambassadors in various locations around campus this week. These students are part of our Student Health Emergency Liaison (SHEL) program and have a deep understanding of IC’s COVID-19 related policies. SHELs will be helping with peer-to-peer education regarding various COVID-19 measures and policies. Feel free to ask questions and use them as a valuable resource as we continue to try keep our number of positive cases low this semester.

Engage in Your IC Experience

While this spring semester is not quite the same Ithaca College experience as prior to the onset of the pandemic, there are still ample opportunities to connect and get involved. Check out IC Engage and the IC Events Calendar, which are stocked with both virtual and some limited in-person opportunities to socialize with others in the IC community.

Check out @ithacasacl on Instagram for “The Daily Lineup” of programming that is on tap each day. If you are a member of a club or organization looking to get the word out on an event you are planning to host, be sure to drop us a DM and make sure to add your event to IC Engage so others can find you too!