Updated Guidelines on Protocols to HSAG and IRB


Contributed by Zaira Sylvain

As you know, for the spring 2021 semester, and for the foreseeable future (assuming the pandemic situation continues to improve), we have allowed in-person, human subject research to resume.  

In an effort to better streamline the health and safety plan and protocol review process between the Health and Safety Advisory Group (HSAG) and IRB, we have come up with three categories of in-person research—No Contact; Low Contact; High Contact—and the resulting actions that you need to take. We believe this will simplify and hopefully expedite both HSAG and IRB approval. 

Here is a link to the guidelines, which will also be posted on the IRB website.

Please let Christina Moylan (chair, HSAG chair), Patrick McKeon (chair, IRB), or Warren Calderone (Director, Sponsored Research) know if you have any questions. Feel free to email irb@ithaca.edu for additional questions or concerns.