POPULAR DIVERSITY COURSE has seats available this Summer!


Contributed by Rachel Fomalhaut

How does gender organize society and influence our reality? What is feminism really all about? WGST10000: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies takes an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to issues that are central to social justice and human rights in the U.S. 

Women's and Gender Studies provides a critical perspective that examines the world and everything that happens within it through the lens of gender and from the viewpoints of women and gender minorities. It encourages new ways of seeing and thinking about our world and its people and institutions.

Together we will read and watch a wide range of texts that examine how multiple forms of feminism shape the practice of women's and gender studies, and increasingly recognize differences among women. We'll examine gender as a social construct and the diverse conditions of gendered lives and experiences in the United States. Fulfills the Diversity component of the ICC.

This ever-popular course is typically full, but an open section this summer still has seats remaining! 

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WGST10000: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies is open to all interested students.