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UPDATE: Faculty Letter in Support of Black Lives Matter

Contributed by Chris McNamara on 07/13/20 

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We, the faculty of Ithaca College, condemn the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. And we recognize that condemnation is not enough.We support our students, colleagues, and community members who protest alongside the Black Lives Matter movement. And we know that words of support are insufficient. 

For too long, we have cloaked ourselves in the language of allyship - language that is often unaccompanied by meaningful action. We have once again been given a chance to join the fight for justice, but we cannot fight to change what we refuse to name. We must begin by naming the anti-Blackness that permeates the United States and that is violently acted out on Black bodies across this country, and we must name the white supremacy that allows this violence to occur unabated. 

We recognize that we have had many opportunities to join with our communities of color in the fight against oppression and injustice, and that too often we have failed to step up to the call. Anti-Blackness has been built into the fabric of Ithaca College, as with nearly every college in the United States. In 2019, Ithaca College had four Black women in full-time faculty positions. Four. This should send shockwaves of shame through our community. Furthermore, it was not until 2013 that Peyi Soyinka-Airewele became the first Black woman to be promoted to full professor at Ithaca College. Cynthia Henderson, the second Black woman and first African-American full professor at Ithaca College, was promoted in 2020.  We have been unacceptably slow in supporting and recognizing the leadership, achievements, and advancement of our Black faculty. 

In 2015, we had an opportunity to respond to student and faculty cries for systemic change at Ithaca College. We failed to seize that opportunity. That failure might echo in the minds of many in our community as they contemplate whether history is doomed to repeat itself. We, the faculty of Ithaca College, refuse to allow this opportunity for change, this moment in time, to be another failure.

White faculty must commit to disrupting the status quo that allows whiteness to remain invisible. To stay silent about the systems of white supremacy, from which white faculty benefit at this institution and beyond, is to be complicit in perpetuating its harms. We must begin by acknowledging our failures and identifying actionable ways to improve. This is a first step in what we hope will be a community-wide effort that will unite us in identifying our racist patterns, that will engage us in dialogues that lead to action, and that will reshape the future of Ithaca College.  

 To our students of color:

  • We acknowledge that you have experienced microaggressions and outright racism in our classrooms, that you have brought these experiences to our attention, and that our response has been insufficient. We vow to listen to your statements, take them seriously, and seek redress when racist incidents occur.
  • We recognize that many departments’ curricula have centered whiteness, white authors, and white experiences. We vow to decenter whiteness in our courses, readings, and examples. 
  • In order to build the consciousness that is necessary to understand the workings of systemic racism, we pledge to work together to educate ourselves and develop anti-racist strategies for use in our classroom work. 
  • We acknowledge that you are experiencing trauma that will shape the remainder of your time at Ithaca College. We vow to research and employ trauma-informed teaching practices in our classrooms and advising. You will not be alone.

 To faculty and staff of color: 

  • Complacency toward issues of racism in the classroom has left you with the psychological and emotional brunt of supporting students of color across this campus. White faculty vow to confront other white professors when we see instances of racism and microaggressions. If we do not have the tools to identify these occurrences yet, we vow to do the work that is necessary to educate ourselves on white supremacy and racism so that we can call it out when we see it. 
  • For far too long many of us have relied on your unpaid labor to initiate and navigate college-wide events, conversations, panels, and training around race and racism on this campus. White faculty vow to advocate for increased educational experiences for our community, taught by experts in racial justice who will be compensated for their labor. To the faculty at Ithaca College who are experts in this work already, we promise to advocate that you be compensated and valued for your contributions, which have too often gone unrecognized and unsupported.
  • We will intensify our efforts to diversify our faculty – efforts that have thus fallen far too short – and work to identify, understand, and dismantle systemic barriers in search and hiring processes.
  • We will intensify our efforts to identify, understand, and dismantle systemic barriers to promotion and biases in the tenure and promotion processes. 

·       We commit to doing the work that is necessary to fully record the history of Black faculty at Ithaca College, drawing on College archives. In the short term, this work will take the form of a prominently featured website--in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement and as a tribute to our Black colleagues-- that will celebrate the achievements of current Black faculty members on the Ithaca College campus. The website should be completed in time for the start of the Fall 2020 academic year.

   White faculty of Ithaca College must become uncomfortable; we must challenge our own positionality, unconscious biases, and our complicity in perpetuating a system of oppression that has deeply impacted our faculty, staff, and students of color. We will put our energy into doing this work, now. 

Faculty members who have not signed and wish to can find a link in the June 28, 2020 email sent to all faculty. 

Chris McNamara, Faculty Council Chair, Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Diane L Birr, Professor, Performance Studies

Chrissy Guest, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Claire Gleitman, Professor, English

Stan Seltzer, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Chris Holmes, Associate Professor and Chair, English

Eric Steinschneider, Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion

Samantha Brown, Assistant Director of Clinical Education/Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Mirit Bessire, Part-time lecturer, Hebrew

Ian Woods, Associate Professor, Biology

Anne Stork, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Keith Kaiser

Jake Brenner, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Richard Faria, Professor, Performance Studies

Vivian Bruce Conger, Professor, History

Steven Banks, Assistant Professor, Music, Performance Studies, saxophone

Carl Penziul, Adjunct Professor, Mathematics

Kathryn Caldwell, Associate Professor, Psychology

Craig Duncan, Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Aaron Weinberg, Professor, Mathematics

Rose Howard, Lecturer, Theatre Arts

Luke Keller, Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Dyani Taff, Lecturer, English

Jean Hardwick, Charles Dana Professor of Biology

Sebastian Harenberg, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Jaime Warburton, Assistant Professor, Writing

Patricia Hunsinger, Lecturer, Art Dept.

David Negrin, Assistant Professor, MASS, Cinema & Photo

Karin Wikoff, Electronic and Technical Services Librarian, Library

Ann-Marie Adams, Lecturer, Journalism

Maya R. Patel, Assistant Professor, Biology

Courtney Gray, Clinical Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Jenna Heffron, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Dara Engler, Associate Professor, Art

Heidi Hopkins, Lecturer, Biology

Sarah Sutton, Associate Professor of Art

Anthony Di Renzo, Professor, Writing

Paula Ioanide, Associate Professor, Center for the Study of Culture, Race & Ethnicity

Joanie Groome, Lecturer, HPPE

Susan Salahshor, Assistant Professor, HSHP

Chrystyna Dail, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

Leigh Ann Vaughn, Professor, Psychology

Gordon Rowland, Professor, Communications

Daniel Wilber, Lecturer, Writing                              

Mary Bentley Associate Professor HPPE

Lisa Farman, Assistant Professor, Strategic Communication

Amy Rominger, Clinical Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Martha Guth, Assistant Professor, Voice

Laurie Arliss, Professor, Communication Studies

Chris Hummel, Clinical Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Barney Beins, Professor, Psychology

Julian T Euell,[Dr.Only] Associate Professor of Sociology

Maria DiFrancesco, Modern Languages & Literatures

Lauren Britton, Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Michael Richardson, Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Jen Huemmer, Assistant Professor, STCM


Peter Silberman, Associate Professor, Dept. of Theory, History, and Composition

Regi Carpenter

Laura Johnsen, Adjunct Professor, Anthropology

Rebecca Brady, Assistant Professor, Biology

Scott Thomson, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

John Barr, Professor, Computer Science

Nick Kowalczyk, Associate Professor, Writing

Rivka Green, Lecturer, Spanish

Mat Fournier, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literature

Michael Costello, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Judith M. Levitt, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Theatre Arts

Elizabeth Medina-Gray, Assistant Professor, Music Theory/History/Composition

Christopher Coletti, Assistant Professor, Trumpet

Peter Martin, Associate Professor, Education

Alex Estabrook, Instructor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Ellie Fulmer, Associate Professor, Education

Steve TenEyck, Professor, Theatre

Deborah Rifkin, Associate Professor, Music Theory, History, and Composition

Nancy Brcak, Professor, Art History

Andrew Utterson, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Susan Adams Delaney, Associate Professor of Writing and Director of the ICC

Raj Subramaniam, Professor, HPPE

Rebecca Lesses, Philosophy and Religion Department and Jewish Studies program

Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas, Assistant Professor, Art

Joseph Christian Ungco, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Jacob White, Assistant Professor, Writing

Robert Sullivan, Professor, Communication Studies

Wendy Dann

Christine Havens-Hafer, Assistant Professor, Education

Dawn Pierce, Assistant Professor, Music: Performance Studies

Kim Knight, Assistant Professor, Education

Carla Golden, Professor, Psychology (and Women’s and Gender Studies)

Mary Lourdes Silva, Associate Professor of Writing

Sharon Stansfield, Assoc. Prof. and Chair, Computer Science

David Turkon, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Cathy Crane, Associate Professor, Cinema

Jason Hamilton, Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Jana Waller, Clinical Assistant Professor, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Daniel Zimmerman, Assistant Professor, Theatre

Christopher Zemliauskas, Assistant Professor, Music

Christopher Matusiak, Associate Professor, English

Serge Grigoriev, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Jennifer Jolly, Professor, Art History

Jamie Rombach, Instructor, Mathematics

Barbara Adams, Associate Professor, Writing

Stephen D. Mosher, Professor, Communication Studies

Benjamin Rochford, Associate Director of Bands, School of Music

Michelle Bradshaw, Associate Professor and Chair of Graduate Studies in Occupational Therapy

Annette Levine, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Matthew C. Sullivan, Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Mary Holzhauer, Lecturer, Music Performance

Mehreen Khalid, Assistant Professor, Park School

Patricia R. Zimmermann, Professor, Screen Studies

Maki Inada, Associate Professor, Biology

Emilie Wiesner, Associate Professor, Mathematics

James Rada, Professor, Journalism


Annemarie Farrell, Associate Professor, Sport Management

Michelle C. Zarko PA-C, Principal Faculty, Physician Assistant Program

Catherine H. Michael, Communications Librarian, Library

Amy W. O'Brien, Assistant Professor of Dance, Theatre Arts

Yvonne Rogalski, Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Linda Heyne, Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Kelley Sullivan, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Elizabeth Miller, Clinical Instructor, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Courtney Young, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

Steven Novakovic, lecturer, finance/international business

Yvette Sterbenk

Karen Lomond, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Julie Dorsey, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Justine Vosloo, Associate Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Jennifer Germann, Associate Professor, Art History

Brooks Miner, Assistant Professor, Biology

Stewart Auyash, Associate Professor/Chair, Health Promotion & Physical Education

Dmitri Novgorodsky, Associate Professor, School of Music

Paul R Geisler, Professor, Department of Exercise Science & Athletic Training

Vanessa R. Mirabito Gerner, Instructor, Physical Therapy

Matt Thomas, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Paul Dickson, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Laura Gras, Professor, Physical Therapy

Teresa Chen, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Laura Campbell Carapella, Associate Professor, HPPE

Catherine Weidner, Professor & Chair, Theatre Arts

Devan Rosen, Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Elizabeth Kaletski, Associate Professor, Economics

Camilo A Malagón, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Jack Wang, Associate Professor, Writing

Jennifer Muller, Associate Professor & Chair, Anthropology

Ruth Barber, Instructor of Scenic Art and Design, Theatre Arts

Amy Frith, Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Elizabeth Bergman, Associate Professor & Chair, Gerontology

L. Leann Kanda, Associate Professor, Biology

Daniel Visscher, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Dave Brown, Professor, Math

Alicia Swords, Associate Professor, Sociology

Bill Hastings, Assistant Professor, Art

Gladys M. Varona-Lacey, Professor, DMLL

Ed Catto, Instructor, Management

Beth Ellen Clark Joseph, Professor and Chair, Physics and Astronomy

Paula Twomey, Spanish instructor, DMLL

Kristina Shanton, Music Librarian, Library

Sara Haefeli, Associate Professor, Music Theory, History, and Composition

Teresa Moore, Professor, Mathematics

Kari Brossard Stoos, Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Joshua Bonnetta. Associate Professor. MASS

Michael A. Malpass, Dana Professor in the Social Sciences, anthropology

Rachel Wagner

Janet Galván, Professor, music performance

Colin Stewart, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

Darlynne Overbaugh, Lecturer, Currently

Te-Wen Lo, Associate Professor, Biology

Joan Marcus, Assistant Professor, Writing

Cyndy Scheibe, Professor, Psychology


Raul Palma, Assistant Professor, Writing

Tom Kerr, Associate Professor, Writing

Eleanor Henderson, Associate Professor, Writing

Catherine Taylor, Associate Professor, Writing, Co-Director Image Text MFA

Barbara Anger, Instructor Adjunct Theatre Dept.

Jim Stafford, Assistant Professor, Writing

Katie Marks, Assistant Professor, Writing

Arhlene Flowers, Associate Professor, Strategic Communication

Eric Machan Howd, Assistant Professor, Writing and Alum (H&S Class of 1990)

Amy Quan, Department of Writing

Harriet Malinowitz, Lecturer, Writing and Women's & Gender Studies

Jerry Mirskin, Professor, Department of Writing

James Miranda, Lecturer, Writing

Sandy Dutkowsky, Lecturer, Writing

Bradley Rappa, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Alex Chertok, Lecturer, Writing Department

Christine Kitano, Assistant Professor, Writing

Rachel Fomalhaut, Lecturer, Writing & Women's and Gender Studies

James Mick, Associate Professor, Music Education

Cory Brown, Professor, Writing

Nicholas Walker, Professor, Music

Janet Hunting, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Kenny Christianson, Lecturer, Economics

Mike Haaf, Professor, Chemistry

Kathleen Mulligan, Professor, Theater Arts

Megan Panek, Associate, Philanthropy and Engagement

Todd Lazenby, Clinical Professor, ESAT

Shaianne Osterreich, Associate Professor, Economics

Sara Levy, Associate Professor, Incoming Dept. Chair, Education

Bridget Bower, College Archivist, Library

Deborah King, Professor, ESAT

Barbara Ganzel, Associate Professor, Gerontology

Sarah Fishel, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Stephen Tropiano, Professor, Screen Studies

Osman Yurekli, Professor, Mathematics

Jason Freitag, Associate Professor, History

Nicholas Muellner, Associate Professor and Co-Director, Image Text MFA

Tom Schneller, Lecturer, Music History

A. Adornato, Associate Professor, Journalism

Calvin Wiersma, Associate Professor, Violin and Chamber Music

Gavin Mayer, Assistant Professor, Theatre

Pranietha Mudliar, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Tina Caswell, Clinical Assistant Professor, SLPA

Jennifer Spitzer, Associate Professor, English

Sudan Allen, Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Rachel Schaff, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Screen Studies

John Scott, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Allison French, Assistant Professor, Journalism

Jeff Lippitt, Accounting

Dann Coakwell, Assistant Professor, Voice, Music Performance Studies

Hormoz Movassaghi, Professor, Finance and International Business

Ivy Walz, Assistant Dean, School of Music

Wonyul Bae, Associate Professor, Sport Management

Kari Smoker, Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies

Vicky Mejia Yepes, Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Katie Sheehan, Clinical Instructor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Amie Germain, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Cory Young, Associate Professor, Director Honors Program, Strategic Communication

Matthew Price, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Diane Long, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Seth Soulstein, Lecturer, Theatre Arts

Colleen Moorman, Lecturer, Spanish and Linguistics

Tamara Fitzwater, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Rhonda Vanover, Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies

Gordon Stout, Professor Emeritus, Music

Pamela Drix, Lecturer, Art

Lee Byron, Professor, Theatre Arts

Austin Jones, Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts

Alison Whah, Assistant Professor, Music

Beatrice Olesko, Assistant Professor, Music Education

Laura Amoriello, Assistant Professor of Piano, Performance Studies

Anna Larsen

Peter Johans, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Studies and Sciences

Michael Caporizzo, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies

Dean Robinson, Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts

Patti Capaldi, Assistant Professor, Art Department

Jason Cherry, Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Christine D. Bataille, Assistant Professor, Management

Scott Biter, PA-C, MSHS, Physician Assistant Program

Alexis Kellner Becker, Assistant Professor, English

Xinxin Li, Assistant Professor, Finance and International Business

William Kolberg, Associate Professor, Economics

Marlena Grzaslewicz, Assistant Professor, MASS

Robert Ziomkowski, Lecturer, Dept. Of Modern Languages and Literatures

David Diggin, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Arzu Karaduman, Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Edd Schneider, Associate Professor, Communication Management and Design

Julie Carr, Lecturer, Music Education

Patrick O. McKeon, Associate Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Jennifer Herzog, Lecturer, Theatre Arts

Mary Turner DePalma, Professor, Psychology

Lauren O'Connell, Professor, Art History

Abraham Mulugetta, Dana Professor, Finance and International Business

Susan Witherup, Professor, Biology

Nicole Koschmann

Davis Earll, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies

Vinita Prabhakar, Assistant Professor, Writing

Zenon Wasyliw, Professor, History

Andrew Torelli, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Evgenia IIieva, Associate Professor, Politics

Saviana Condeescu, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

Tatiana Patrone, Associate Professor

Wendy Herbener Mehne, Professor, Music

Aaron Witek, Assistant Professor, Music

Mike Titlebaum, Associate Professor and Director, Jazz Studies

Nicholas Bennett, Lecturer, Media Art, Science and Studies

Jeff Holmes, Professor, Psychology

Elizabeth Bleicher, Professor, English

Mitch McCabe, Assistant Professor, Park School

Rachel Schultz, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies

Jennifer McKeon, Associate Professor, Exercise Science & Athletic Training

Don Tindall, Professor, Theatre Arts

S. Alexander Reed, Associate Professor, Music

Alexander Shuhan, Professor, Music

Faten Houissa, Lecturer, Modern Languages and Literatures

Hilary Greenberger, Professor, Physical Therapy

Jason Harrington, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies

David L. Barry, Lecturer, Modern Languages and Literatures

Craig Cummings, Professor, Music Theory

Jeff Theiss, assistant Professor, Theatre Arts

Albert Alexander, Adjunct Instructor, Economics

Christina Steinorth, Clinical Educator, SLPA

Deborah Montgomery, Professor, Music

Tamara Acosta, Assistant Professor, Music

Stephen Sweet, Charles Dana Professor, Sociology

David Salomon, Associate Professor, Art History

Daisy Rosas Vargas, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Kayleigh Plumeau, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Lynne Hewitt, Professor, SLPA

Narges Kasiri, Associate Professor, Management

Marcy Sutherland, Instructor, Education

Melinda Cozzolino, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Patrick Lewis, Assistant Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Dan Breen, Associate Professor, English

Kip Opperman

Jerome Fung, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Megan Martinez, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Paula Murray Cole, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

Ann Byrne, Instructor CMST

Kelly Hallisy, Social Sciences Librarian

Linda Price, Lecturer, Art

Angela Rulffes, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

John Winslow, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Hugh Stephenson, Associate Professor, Psychology

Toby Dragon, Associate Professor, Computer Science









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