The Student Financial Services (SFS) Office prepares the students’ semester bills and mails them out (via regular mail) to the students’ home address. FALL SEMESTER STATEMENTS are mailed in late-July and full payment is due by AUGUST 17; SPRING SEMESTER STATEMENTS are mailed in late November and full payment due by JANUARY 11. Updated student account statements are also sent every month. The very same statement as the one sent by mail is available in the student’s Homer record, so each student can print out the bill by themselves as well. The SFS has made the following exception for the deadline to pay the bill for first semester students only: if they cannot pay the bill by the deadline or if they would prefer to bring the payment with them when they come to campus, they must e-mail to get an extension. The SFS charges a $200 late fee if the payments do not arrive on time.

Your child can give you viewing access to his/her bill information, so you can view and print out the bill, or pay online if you choose. The different payment methods (check, credit card, etc.) are listed at If you have any questions, please e-mail .

Location and Contact Info

The Office of Student Financial Services is located in the Peggy Ryan Williams Center.

Phone: 1-800-429-4275
Fax Number: (607) 274-1895

Due Dates

ALL BILL: August 17th
SPRING BILL: January 11th


This is a link to view/pay your bill online. You will need your User ID and PIN number.