Outdoor Soccer

Take advantage of the fall weather and come join one of our most popular intramural sports. Soccer is beloved around the world for a reason!

Soccer ball in grass.

The league's regular season begins from September 12th and registration ends September 8th,  Sign up any time before the deadline as a free agent or with a team through recreation.ithaca.edu

Mandatory Captain/Rep Meeting: Thursday, September 5th @ 5:30 p.m. in Hill Center. Forfeit bonds are due at this meeting.

Forfeit Policy: A team who does not field enough players within ten minutes after a scheduled game time will receive a forfeit.  If a team forfeits, it will lose its forfeit bond and be awarded a 2 or C sportsmanship rating for that contest. Teams can choose to default (say they will not be at the game) before 5pm the day before a game or 5pm on Friday for a weekend game, otherwise the team will have to forfeit and pay a $25 fee to Campus Recreation. The team will need to pay before playoffs begin to be eligible to participate. If teams do not pay prior to playoffs, each individual will then have a $5 hold on their account which they must pay in order to register again. The second forfeit will result in removal from the league. Defaulted games will NOT be rescheduled. 

League Begins: Sunday, September 12th.

In order to reserve your spot in the league, your team must have the minimum number of players on the roster by the entry deadline and attend the captains meeting

Additional Information

Leagues Available

  • Open Recreational
  • Open Competitive 

Open Leagues are leagues with no gender requirements so teams can focus on the preferred level of competition.