Frequently Asked Questions

Numbers, numbers, everywhere! How do you find the information you need? The answers to these frequently asked questions may help!

What types of information are available from AIR?
The Office of Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR) is a resource for historical and trend data about the College. This website displays information to which there is unrestricted access, as well as links to AIR's restricted-access sites, the IC Reporting Center and Tableau Online. Be sure to check out our Data Guide, which provides details about how to find the information you need.

What is AIR’s IC Reporting Center dashboard?
AIR’s IC Reporting Center dashboard is a web-based point of access of non-public confidential information reported by AIR. Access to this dashboard is available to select members of the Ithaca College community based on their roles and responsibilities at the College. Most of the analyses posted on AIR's Tableau Online site, to which access is very limited, are also available on AIR's IC Reporting Center dashboard.

I think I have access to AIR’s IC Reporting Center dashboard, but how do I get there?
A link to the Reporting Center is available at Please refer to this Reporting Center Navigational Guide for additional information about accessing and navigating the IC Reporting Center.

I don’t have access to AIR’s IC Reporting Center dashboard (I can’t see the “AIR Analyses” tab when I’m logged into the Reporting Center and have navigated to AIR's dashboard). How do I request access?
If you are a member of an IC academic school, please contact your Dean and have her/him send an email to approving your access. If you are not a member of an IC academic school, please email to request access.

What is Tableau Online?
Tableau Online is a web-based repository of non-public confidential analyses created with visual analytics software called Tableau. Access to Tableau Online is very limited, but most of the analyses posted on Tableau Online are also available on our IC Reporting Center dashboard.

How do I request information that I can’t find on AIR’s public website or AIR’s IC Reporting Center dashboard?
IC faculty, administration, and staff, please complete our information request form. Students, information available to you resides on this website. Others, please email

When do I request information from Analytics and Institutional Research versus from the Office of the Registrar?
In general, questions about current student data, data reflecting what’s going on right now, should be directed to the Office of the Registrar, while requests requiring multiple semesters or years of data and/or “official” College figures should be directed to Analytics and Institutional Research. Still unsure? Don’t worry: AIR and the Office of the Registrar work collaboratively to make sure requests for information will be fulfilled by the appropriate person.