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Click here to go to Ithaca College's Tableau Online site.  You will need to enter your Ithaca College email address, then your IC Netpass (email) username and password.  Go to the "IR" project area to view all Tableau reports ("workbooks") posted by Analytics and Institutional Research.

Note that we have a very limited number of Tableau Online licenses, so not many people have access.

Note, too, that many of these reports are now also available on AIR's ARGUS site.

Do you view Tableau Online reports using a tablet or phone?  The free Tableau Mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

To create images or PDFs from Tableau Online reports:
Click on the "Download" link that is shown either above or below the report and you will have the option to download PDFs, images, or the original report (Tableau workbook) to your computer.  If you download a Tableau workbook, you will need to install Tableau Reader (free download available here) in order to open it.  Note that if you have Tableau Desktop installed on your computer, you do not need to install Tableau Reader.  In both Tableau Reader and Tableau Desktop, use the File... Page Setup... and File... Print to PDF... options to produce PDFs.

Direct Links to Analytics and Institutional Research Reports on Tableau Online
Click on the links below to go directly to that AIR Tableau report on Tableau Online.  No specialized software is needed to view these files.  You will need to enter your Ithaca College email address, then your IC Netpass (email) username and password.

AIR Admission Competitor Report

AIR Alumni Outcomes within 9 Months of Graduation

AIR course credit hours enrollment grades

AIR course section size

AIR course sections and credit hours - who teaches them

AIR fall faculty characteristics

AIR fall first-time full-time freshman academic performance

AIR fall freshman cohorts' mobility within IC

AIR fall freshman cohorts' mobility within IC - Enrollment Mgmt

AIR fall freshman cohorts' mobility within IC - Exploratory

AIR gender and race-ethnicity, students & employees (HEED diversity rubric)

AIR major and minor enrollment by race-ethnicity

AIR race-ethnicity by primary school and level

AIR Retention and Graduation Rates

AIR retention and graduation rates benchmarking

AIR unduplicated course counts

AIR Who are my students?

IR academic year (fall and spring) faculty characteristics

IR Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ)

IR Alumni Outcomes - At Graduation

IR Campus Acceptance, Inclusion & Fairness Survey Fall 2012, All Results

IR Delaware Study

IR Delaware Study - each IC discipline vs. each average discipline

IR fall first-time full-time freshman SATs HS rank HS GPA 1st generation status

IR fall freshman admission and enrollment by major program

IR Music fall 2016 freshman applicants, accepts, and paids maps

IR National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

IR private not-for-profit, 4-year or above institutions - total cost and avg net price

IR Study Abroad