Majordomo Lists

If a college-recognized group, organization, club, or department wants to send e-mail on a repetitive basis to a specific group or student population, a Majordomo list can be created for this purpose. A Majordomo list is similar to an e-mail group or list that someone might use from within their personal e-mail account, but Majordomo has special features for configuring the list, including who the list members (subscribers) are and who can send to the list.

Majordomo is the server software that manages lists. Lists can be managed by sending e-mail commands to the Majordomo server, but most people find it easier to manage their lists through the MajorCool Web interface.

Authorization is required by the department head, dean or advisor to create or make changes to Majordomo lists. One individual is designated as the manager of the list and is responsible for this type of account. Passwords for Majordomo lists are unique for that system and are not related to any other IC account. Majordomo passwords do not expire.

Majordomo lists need to be renewed annually through IT. Renewal reminders will be sent to the list owner each fall.