Homer Student Information System

Homer is the student information system. This system has two main components, HomerConnect and HomerAdmin.


HomerConnect is the online web-based student and faculty information system. HomerConnect enables faculty to advise students during registration, view class lists and class schedules and submit mid-term and final grades. Students use HomerConnect to view class schedules and the course catalog, register for classes, view financial aid and bursar information and see demographic information.


HomerAdmin is used by administrative staff who need access to the student information system.

Account Information

All students and faculty are automatically assigned a HomerConnect account by the Registrar's office. New students receive this information via postal mail as soon as a deposit is made to indicate the student is planning to attend Ithaca College. Faculty receive this account information at the New Hire session sponsored by the Human Resources department. Staff who need to access Homer for their job may request an account by completing the "Request Access" form on the Homer web site. The request typically takes two or three days to be processed.

The user ID for faculty, staff and students is the number shown on the college ID. The initial password (PIN) is randomly created and is case sensitive.

The first time you log into HomerConnect, you will be prompted to change the initial PIN. The new PIN you choose must contain exactly six alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) and cannot include special characters (&, %,*, etc.). The PIN can also be changed at any time using the personal information area of the HomerConnect account.

After changing the initial PIN, you will be asked to provide a security question and answer which is used to retreive your PIN if you forget it. Users have 5 attempts to correctly answer the question after which the account is disabled. Contact the Registrar’s office to have the account reset. The known security question and answer can be changed at any time in the personal information area.