Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar is the calendering and scheduling software used at Ithaca College. Outlook Calendar allows faculty, staff and students to maintain personal agendas, schedule meetings with each other on an invitational basis, and schedule resources (such as meeting rooms).

All faculty, staff and student personal email accounts include Outlook Calendar.

Departmental email accounts, which can be requested via the Departmental Account Request form at right, also include an Outlook Calendar account. If only the calendar function is needed, Outlook offers users the ability to create their own additional calendars that can be shared within a department.

Outlook Calendar can be accessed through the Outlook client program in Microsoft Office 2010/2013 (Windows) or 2011 (Mac), or it can be accessed from Outlook Web App in myHome. Users log into Outlook Calendar with the Netpass username and password.

Outlook Calendar Resources

Outlook Calendar resources are typically departmental meeting rooms. These rooms can be scheduled using Outlook Calendar. One person is the designated resource owner and has the ability to approve or refuse scheduling of the space.

New resource accounts are requested using the Departmental Account Request Form.