Parnassus is the Human Resources and Financial Services system for employees. All faculty, staff and student employees have access to Parnassus self-service and can view paycheck information, benefit information, tax information and personal information.

Some faculty, staff and students have access to administrative applications within Parnassus as needed for their college role and responsibilities. General questions regarding Parnassus should be directed to either the Human Resources office or the Financial Services office.

Faculty and staff members receive their Parnassus account information at the new hire session with Human Resources. Students receive a Parnassus account when they become an employee of the college.

  • The username is the same as the Netpass username
  • The initial password is %IC and the last 6 digits of your college ID number.

Upon successful first login, users will be prompted to reset their password. Passwords will expire every 180 days. The Parnassus account will lock after five consecutive failed login attempts requiring a password reset using the "I Forgot My Password" link on the Parnassus login page.

Parnassus accounts expire when faculty, staff and students are no longer employed by the college.