Sakai is Ithaca College's online collaboration system allowing for easy access and storage of course-related and project related materials. All faculty, staff and students have access to Sakai.

Sakai uses the Ithaca College Netpass username and password for authentication faculty, staff and students.

  • New Faculty: After activating the Netpass account, new faculty must wait overnight before accessing Sakai. 
  • Adjunct Faculty: Adjunct faculty access is dependent on the contract start date. Check with Human Resources to verify this date.
  • New Students: New students must activate their Netpass account and be registered for courses.
  • FERPA Protection: Students who request FERPA protection will not automatically be able to access Sakai using their Netpass username and password. FERPA-protected students have the option to either waive the FERPA-protected status and use their Netpass username and password or have a unique account created. If a student chooses to have a unique account created, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the faculty member of this choice. FERPA students should contact the IT Service Desk for more information.
  • New Staff: Once a new staff member has activated the Netpass account and the overnight feeds have run, new staff can access Sakai and create project sites.