Web Profile Manager


Personal Websites

Faculty are automatically given a Web Profile Manager (WPM) account; no additional account request form is required. WPM allows faculty and staff members to easily create web pages linked from the departmental site. These web pages often contain curriculum vitae, class information, photo galleries, documents, news, and blogs.

WPM is accessed using the Netpass username and password. For staff, this account will remain active until approximately 90 days after the affiliation with the college has ended. Faculty retirees retain lifetime access to Web Profile Manager to maintain their faculty profile.

The college does not provide web space on college servers for traditional html pages per the Ithaca College Web policy.

Departmental Websites

Faculty profiles will appear on the appropriate departmental website. For questions about the departmental website, see the department chair.

ePortfolios Using Web Profile Manager (WPM)

Faculty members also have the option of creating a "demo" ePortfolio. ePortfolios are available to all students and showcase their learning over time. Faculty members have been given the option to create a demo ePortfolio to support student use of this tool. By having access to a demo ePortfolio, faculty members can become familiar with the tools and options available to students. No additional account request needs to be made. Simply log into WPM and look for the ePortfolio profile.