Print Management Program


In September 2012, a project team made up of faculty, staff, and students was tasked with analyzing print management options for the college. This team analyzed the print environments in the Library and all campus computer labs, researched practices at other higher education institutions, defined solution requirements and identified software vendors.

The project team recommended that a print management solution be used in all student computer labs on campus in order to:

  • Reduce paper and toner waste and encourage the responsible use of limited resources. On average, 20% of the paper printed in the Library and campus computer labs was found to be immediately discarded or not claimed by users.
  • Put a sustainable model in place to continue providing complimentary printing for the majority of print jobs undertaken by students and identify a reasonable cost for those who need to purchase additional pages.
  • Allow the college to offer networked color printing in the Library and the Friends 110 Lab.

The project team collected feedback on its proposal from many groups including the Student Government Association and Faculty Council. The final proposal was approved by the college administration.

Research conducted by the team found that a print management program would improve sustainability on campus and conserve limited resources. Additionally, they found that the vast majority of higher-education institutions in New York State had already implemented similar print management programs, some of which granted allowances to students and some that fully placed the burden of cost on the students.

Project Timeline

  • 2012: The project team was formed and conducted thorough research regarding programs at other institutions, current IC print usage rates, and possible solutions.  The team selected a software solution.
  • Spring 2013: The team presented their recommendations to SGA, sent information to Faculty Council and developed web pages with additional information about the project.
  • Fall 2013: Software was installed in the student computer labs and the Library to track printer usage rates. No allowances or fees were set. The software was simply used to better monitor accurate printing rates at the college.
  • Spring 2014: President’s Council reviewed and approved the recommended print management program and printing allowances.
  • Fall 2014: The program was implemented in the library and student computer labs.
  • Spring 2015: Networked color printing was introduced in the Library.
  • Summer 2015: The project team reviewed printing data from summer 2014, fall 2014 and spring 2015. Based on the data, President’s Council reviewed and approved an increase in the student allowance for complimentary printing on campus.
  • Fall 2015: Networked color printing was introduced in the Friends 110 computer lab.