Vendor Remote Access Account Requests

From time to time, vendors or consultants working on behalf of campus departments may require access to the Ithaca College network in order to make remote connections to systems for maintenance, implementations, and support. In these cases, departments can request a Vendor Remote Access account that will provide the vendor representative(s) with specific, limited access to the target systems or services.

A Vendor Remote Access account differs from an HR Affiliate Account in that it does not provide the vendor with a college identity that permits access to other generally available college services; e.g. email and calendar, file server access, etc. If more general access to services is required, please use the Ithaca College Affiliate Account request form found on the Human Resources HR Information Systems Web site.

When submitting this request, you are responsible for a) informing the vendor of policies governing use of the Ithaca College network, and b) assuring that vendor complies with said policies.

To request a Vendor Remote Access account please provide the following information for the vendor representative for whom you are requesting access. Note – All fields are required.