Residence Hall Computer Network (ResNet)

The residence hall computing network (ResNet) is managed by Apogee. Prior to using ResNet, students must sign up for an Apogee account. This can be done prior to coming to campus or when you arrive in your residence hall. Apogee offers "Basic" and "Choice" connection options.


Apogee provides wireless connectivity in all residence halls via the My-ResNet network.

Problems with ResNet

If you are experience problems with your ResNet connection, contact the 24-hour support center at 877-478-8893. Their representatives will help you troubleshoot and can dispatch a technician if needed. The technician can only troubleshoot network connection and jack problems. Problems with personal computers should be directed to the on-campus fixIT Shop.

To Get Connected:

Once you are on campus, plug your computer into the network jack (it’s marked with a computer icon) or connect to the My-ResNet wireless network.

To create an account:

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Choose “Sign Up”, fill in your information and click "Create Your Free Account".
  3. Log in, restart and you're connected.
  4. To connect additional devices login and click "Manage Devices".

If you have already created an account:

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Log in, restart your computer and you’re connected.


All internet capable devices, besides your primary computer, need to be registered to your MyResNet account. Your internet package (Basic or choice) determines how many devices can be added to your account. Students can view and manage their devices on by clicking on "Manage Devices".

Personal Hubs, Routers and Wireless Access Points

Personal hubs, routers, and wireless access points are not allowed in the residence halls as their use can disrupt network connectivity for others. See more information in Apogee's end user service agreement at

If you have a single Ethernet port in your room, or would simply like to expand to connect more devices to the wired network, we recommend using an 'Ethernet switch' which works for Ethernet ports like a power strip works for electricity.

Apogee Resources
Student Computer Repairs

The fixITShop fixes personal computers for students.