Getting Help

Response Time

IT statistics show that the Service Desk is able to solve nearly 80% of all problem calls over the phone. For the other 20% of calls that require an on-site visit to your office, the Service Desk uses a call-tracking system to record the problem, forwards it to the appropriate IT support group, and monitors the status of resolution.

Response Time is the time frame in which we will try to respond to your request, not necessarily the time frame in which the problem will be fully resolved.




Response Time


Life-threatening situations and Blue Light Phone outages.


Out of Service

User is unable to work due to computer malfunction and has no alternative resources.

4 business hours


User is experiencing problems but can temporarily work around the problem or use alternate resources.

8 business hours

Install or Change

User needs something installed or changed (or moved).

1 to 2 weeks based on workload (usually prioritized by date and time entered)

Project or Research

User needs information or help with a more in-depth, complex, or long-term project.

Based on workload (usually prioritized by date and time entered)




To manage all of the requests that we receive, it is critical that we classify them based on their relative urgency. In the case of the first 3 classifications listed above, it is important that you help us understand the true severity of your problem when you call. Is it really a critical situation or do you have some means of working around the problem until we can respond? It is in everyone's best interest to prioritize requests appropriately so that when a situation really is urgent, we're in the best position possible to respond quickly.