Project Portfolio Management

What happens to my proposal after it's submitted?

Once your proposal has been submitted, it will undergo an evaluation. Often a significant amount of research needs to occur in order to conduct the evaluation. We may ask you for clarification, additional information, and/or vendor contact information.

There are a series of questions asked during the evaluation of a project proposal:

Q1 : Are we clear enough about the What and the Why?

WHAT are we being asked to do/create? WHAT are the deliverables the submitter is expecting? WHY is the request being made? What are the drivers for the request (i.e., the need or problem)? We will ask you to review a ‘Project Summary’ to help us ensure that we are clear.

Q2 : Is there any reason why we should not or could not do this?

Would this support Ithaca College’s strategy, goals, and objectives? Is this a mandated request (e.g., driven by a Federal requirement)? Are there any needed skills/resources that we do not have? Will the proposed technology work in our environment? Is there any existing technology that could meet the desired needs?

Q3 : What would be involved in doing this?  

Are there any risks associated with the implementation? What resources would be needed; time, money, effort, and staff members? To assist us in answering these questions the Project Summary is distributed to the IT@IC functional area managers and their input is solicited.

Q3 : Should this be done as a Project or as a Service Request?  

There are a number of factors that determine whether or not a request should be managed as a project. (Please refer to the “You Might Be A Project When” document found on the right menu bar.)        

The evaluation process can have a number of outcomes:

  • The request could be handled as a Service Request. In this case you will be notified and the information will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
  • The proposal could be denied. You will be notified and provided with an explanation.
  • The proposal could be approved as a project. You will be notified that it has been placed in the Project Portfolio queue. This does not mean that we will always be able to begin implementing the proposal right away. The project will be activated when resources are available.