What type of technology is used in ECM?

Enterprise Content Management incorporates a variety of software and hardware to provide efficiency for the institution.


  • HP Scanjet Enterprise 8500
  • HP Scanjet Enterprise 7500
  • HP Scanjet 8270
  • ScanSnap S1300
  • VuPoint Magic Wand (portable / handheld scanner)


  • Nolij Web
    • The web-based product developed by Perceptive Software which is the core ECM application and user interface that is used typically by Department Administrators, identified power users, IS managers and data processing staff. It includes the ability to scan, manual routing options and is geared toward higher volume processing.

  • Kofax VRS
    • Software used to manipulate and “clean-up” a scanned document. If your Department scans documents containing background images such as shading, watermarks, etc; commonly found on birth certificates, academic transcripts, and other confidential documents, you should select to scan using Kofax VRS.