NEW PROCEDURE: To provide better security of user data on the loaner laptops, each borrower will need to sign into the machine as themselves when the machine is picked up.


DIIS provides loaner equipment to faculty and staff to help meet technology needs. The Service Desk provides laptops, conference phones and other equipment. Learning Spaces Technology Support (LSTS) provides equipment needed for instruction in the classroom.

DIIS Service Desk equipment is available on a short and long term basis. Short-term reservations can be reserved for up to 4 hours and are ideal for on-campus classroom or business presentations. Long-term reservations can be reserved for up to 7 days, and are ideal for travel purposes.

To reserve Service Desk equipment:

  • Use the online reservation system
  • Call the Service Desk, 274-1000
  • Stop by the Service Desk, 104 Job Hall

Service Desk Loaner Equipment Policies

  • Equipment may only be reserved by a faculty or staff member
  • Loaner equipment must be picked up from and returned to the DIIS Service Desk in 104 Job Hall, between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Equipment may only be picked up by the person whose name the reservation is in unless an authorization form designating an alternate pickup person is presented when the equipment is checked out

When using loaner equipment, remember:

  • This equipment is in high demand (especially around breaks) so reservations should be made as far in advance as possible
  • Return the equipment at the designated time. Late returns can affect other users and their requests
  • Return all equipment pieces - take care to make sure all cables and adapters are returned
  • The borrower/department will be held responsible for lost or damaged equipment

For classroom equipment needs:

  • Call Learning Spaces Technology Support, 274-1443
  • Stop by Learning Spaces Technology Support, Job 107