Important Announcement Regarding Apple MacPro Computers and the Technology Renewal Program

In our on-going efforts to explore cost-saving opportunities, we regularly evaluate the systems considered for inclusion in the Technology Renewal Program.  The iMac is now considered by Apple Computer to be its standard desktop office system, while the MacPro has been positioned as their high-end graphics and video editing workstation.  The iMac is a better fit, both fiscally and objectively, with the goals and purpose of Technology Renewal.

Therefore, beginning May 1, 2011, the Technology Renewal Program will no longer provide no-cost replacements for the Apple tower computers (the MacPro).  The standard offering under this program will now be the iMac.

Departments wishing to stay with the MacPro model will be charged the difference between the cost of the standard Mac desktop (iMac) and the MacPro.  Departments will need to regularly budget for this expense, beginning with the upcoming budget planning cycle, and will incur this cost each time a MacPro is replaced (every 3 years).

The iMac will continue to be the only Apple desktop automatically replaced (at no additional cost to the department) under the Technology Renewal Program.

The MacPro will be designated as an ongoing ‘change’ option in the renewal program questionnaire, and the actual dollar amount will be based on the price difference between a standard MacPro model and a standard iMac, which is currently approximately $1,000.  This price difference will be reviewed and updated regularly, as we currently do with other system changes involving a cost difference.

In addition, as previously announced, no new MacPros will be added to the program and the iMac will continue to be the default Apple desktop if a MacPro questionnaire is not completed.

This change will result in substantial savings to the College each year without having a significant impact on an individual's ability to perform his or her work, and still allow those areas on campus which need the MacPro to continue to receive them.

Within the next several days, ITS will be sending out information to assist departments with their FY 2011-12 budget planning.  Aside from the change above, the FY 2011-12 replacement process will proceed as it has in the past.

Please contact Michael Taves, Executive Director of ITS, if you have questions about this change to the program, and Irene Scott, Coordinator of Desktop Technology Acquisition in ITS, with any general questions about the Technology Renewal Program.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to seek a prudent balance between demands on our budgets and providing the technology tools that will allow our campus community to continue to excel.

Originally published in Intercom: Important Announcement Regarding Apple MacPro Computers and the Technology Renewal Program.